Clinical Oversight

MOI utilizes its proprietary HTML 5 system to aggressively monitor:

  • Treatment patterns
  • Compliance – Quality of care and utilization
  • Injured worker’s release to work levels of function
  • Appropriateness of care in accordance to job description

All providers are graded 5 Stars to 1 Star using quarterly evaluations based on:

  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Client savings
  • Customer service

Referrals are directed to the highest Star available, resulting in:

  • Shorter duration of care
  • Faster file closure
  • Greater overall savings
  • MOI proprietary clinical oversight and treatment guidelines were designed specifically for physical medicine and Workers’ Compensation.
  • Based on input from empirical data:
    •Official Disability Guidelines (ODG).
    •American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).
    •Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO).
    •American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).
    •Outcomes validated through 10+ years of data.
    •Advisory panel reviews and validates benchmarks every 6 months